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24 thoughts on “BIOS REQUEST

  1. looking for a full bios dump for an asus ep121

  2. Looking for a bios dump for ASUS UX301LAA

    1. Sorry, no dump for this model. Leave us your dump and we will upload it repaired.

  3. Hi Looking for Dell 7480 bios it is I7 , 2.8 GHZ , 7600U , 7th GEN version 2.0
    Motherboard CAZ20 LA-E131P REV:2.0 (A01) 2017-10-13

  4. Hi
    I need bios for dell 7480 ver 2.0 and 7 GEN CPU I7 2.8 GHZ 7600U

  5. Thanks for the help

  6. I need bios bin for HP CQ 42 280tx

    1. please post motherboard code

  7. Any where I can find the bios for kruger&Matz 1403? I changed some settings on in the bios and now it won’t boot anymore.

    1. Please leave message with motherboard code.

  8. Hi FURRSY1 A4481a. I5 8250 Toshiba. X-40

    1. i need pt*** model for this one. thank you

  9. Looking for a bios dump for ZED AIR MINI IL.1106G.232WEBW

    1. try this mate. it’s not personally tested so it’s free.

  10. I need bios bin for HP 430 G6

    1. please provide motherboard code

  11. ZPM30 LA-B171P Rev 1.0 2014

  12. Excuse me and thank you very much

  13. my friend, Do you have ” dynabook t65 / hg ” dump file for laptop?

    1. please give me motherboard code

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